Celebrate Valentine's Day with Epicure! Make your reservation today by calling 512-858-7300. We will have a special menu for the 14th (available all day), with optional recommended wine pairings available by the glass. See "Food Wine & Cheese Menu" for our Valentine's Day Menu!

The Cheese

Three, four or five cheese plates are served with olives, cornichons,  fruit, nuts, crostini and choice of one house made condiment. (garlic caramel, apple mostarda or tomato jam). 8 extra crostini $2.

Three cheese plate - 18

Four cheese plate - 22

Five cheese plate - 26

4 Item Charcuterie Plate (Pick 4 from our list)-28


All prices shown below are by the half pound.  Cheese is available dine-in or for retail sale.


Soft Cheeses -

Humboldt Fog.  Pasteurized goat.  Cypress Grove, CA.  21.20

Purple Haze.  Pasteurized fresh goat.  Cypress Grove, CA.  10.92 per wheel

Cana de Oveja.  Pasteurized sheep.  Quesara Montesinos.  13.50

Redhawk.  Pasteurized cow.  Cowgirl Creamery, CA - 21

Soft Ripened Cheeses -

Brie.  Pasteurized cow.  Nangis, France - 12.48

Aged Brillat-Savarin.  Triple Crème. Pasteurized cow.  Lincet, France - 15.75

St. Pat.  Double Crème Nettle-Wrapped Brie.  Pasteurized cow.  Cowgirl Creamery, CA.  -21

Mount Tam.   Triple Crème.  Pasteurized cow.  Cowgirl Creamery, CA - 21

Kunik.  Pasteurized Goat/Cow.  Nettle Meadow Cheese, NY.  -27

Semi-soft cheeses -

Casatica Di Buffala.  Pasteurized Buffalo.  Quattro Portini, Italy-  19.00

Hard/Firm Cheeses -

4 Year Gouda.  Pasteurized cow.  Boorenkaas, NL - 14.50

6 Month Goat Gouda.  Brabandt, NL.  11.51

6 Month Manchego.  Pasteurized Sheep. Montevega, Spain, -10.50

Garroxta.  Pasteurized goat.  St Gil d'Alba.  SP.  -24.75

Raw Goat Cheddar.  La Clare Farms.  WI.  12

10 Year Sharp Cheddar.  Pasteurized cow.   Widmer.  WI.  24

Lamb Chopper.  Pasteurized sheep.  Cypress Grove, NL.  21.16

Deer Creek Cheddar.  Pasteurized cow.  Artisan Cheese.  WI.  5.90

Majorero.  Raw Goat.  PDO, Canaries, Spain.  -15.00

Mimolette.  Pasteurized cow.  Lille, FR.  12.86

Pecorino Reserva.  Raw sheep.  Il Fiorino, IT.  19.14

Blue Cheeses -

Ewe Calf to be Kidding Me.  Pasteurized sheep, cow & goat.  Jasper Hill, VT.  14

Stilton.  Pasteurized cow.  Colston-Bassett, UK - 20.68

St. Agur.  Pasteurized cow.  Bongrain, France - 15.36