The Food

Starters (Lunch & Dinner)

Cup of Soup Du Jour - 5

Cup of Roasted Garlic Bisque - 5

Rumaki. Arugula, Chimichurri - 9

Corn & Bacon Beignet. Spiced Honey,  Cilantro - 8

Vietnamese Pork Meatballs. Spicy Mayo, Pickled Carrots, Cucumbers, Cilantro. - 11

Baba Ghanouj, Hummus, Marinated Olives, Crostini. - 10

Side Order of Crostini - 2

Salads (Lunch & Dinner)

Roasted Squash. Mesclun greens, chevre, pickled onion, spiced nuts, orange, shallot vinaigrette , crostini- 13

House Caesar, romaine, basil, garlic Caesar dressing, shaved Parmigiano Reggiano, crostini - 12

Add Boquerones- 2

Lime Cilantro Caesar,  romaine, cilantro, avocado, Manchego, roasted corn, sweet peppers - 12

Asian Noodle, grilled shrimp, Napa cabbage, sweet pepper, cilantro, green onion, cilantro/ginger vinaigrette - 16

Add chicken breast - 4, shrimp - 6, salmon - 8

Sandwiches  & Lunch Entrees (Lunch Only)

Grilled Vermont white cheddar.  Roasted tomatoes, basil, sourdough - 11

Gilled Provolone.  Mushrooms, bacon, aioli, sourdough - 12

Chicken Panini. Cherry smoked bacon, avocado, gruyere, aioli, baguette - 12

All sandwiches served with rosemary potatoes or mixed green side salad.

Cheese Plate.  Two pre-set cheeses, cornichons, fresh fruit & crostini, Choice of Cup of Soup or side Green Salad.  14

Crispy Chicken Caesar.  Romaine, House Caesar Dressing, Parmesan, Pank0-Crusted Fried Chicken, Cup of Roasted Garlic Bisque - 13

*Add small green salad for $3 or cup of roasted garlic bisque or soup du jour for $3.

Lunch Salad Combo.  1/2 Mixed Green, 1/2 House Caesar or 1/2 Lime-Cilantro Caesar salad and choice of Cup of Soup Du Jour or Cup of Roasted Garlic Bisque - 12

Lunch Sandwich Combo.  1/2 Roasted Chicken Panini and Cup of Roasted Garlic Bisque or Cup of Soup Du Jour - 12

Bowl (Lunch Only) of Soup Du Jour or Roasted Garlic Bisque - 7


Entrees (Lunch & Dinner)

Four cheese mac, French thyme - 16

Seared Salmon.  Roasted Asparagus, Mushrooms -26

Braised Beef Short Rib. Penne, Parmigiano Reggiano, basil- 28

Spicy Chimichurri Shrimp. Penne. red pepper, scallion, tomato, cilantro. - 22


Add Half Caesar or Half Green Salad to any Entrée -5


Desserts (Lunch & Dinner)

Crème Brulee.  Lavender biscotti, seasonal berries - 9

Seasonal Fruit Crumble. Walnut streusel, vanilla ice cream- 9

Belgian chocolate Pot de Crème, chocolate chip cookie, raspberries, whipped cream - 9

Cheese and Fresh Fruit- Check cheeseplate options.